Buy Here Pay Here Lots in Seattle

Many Seattle car buyers opt to purchase their vehicles through buy here pay here (BHPH) car lots.  These are dealerships which provide in-house dealer financing, so your payments are made directly to the dealer from whom you bought your vehicle.  These payments are usually made on a weekly or bimonthly schedule.

Benefits of Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships for Seattle Buyers

  • More Accepting of Poor Credit Consumers than a Traditional Lender
  • More Accepting of Vehicle Trade-ins than Many Other Dealers
  • Streamlined Car Buying Process — Financing and Purchasing are Accomplished as a Single Package

The flip side of BHPH financing is higher interest rates than a typical bank or credit union will offer.  However, if your credit is rocky, these traditional lenders will probably not accept your credit application anyway.  When you submit your application through, we do our best to maximize your chances of approval.  If your credit score is low, our advanced matching system will be more likely to match your application to a Seattle buy here pay here dealership than a bank lender, as this will give you the best chance of getting your financing approved.

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Budgeting for your Auto Loan

Financial experts like Carmen Wong Ulrich from the CNBC show On the Money typically recommend spending 18-20% of your monthly income on transportation.  The average household income in Seattle is $17,154, and 18% of that amount is $257, so that should be the average monthly payment in your area after costs like gas, maintenance, registration, [...]

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Bad Credit Car Loans for Seattle Residents

Today, more than 130,000 Seattle residents are estimated to suffer from bad credit (as defined by a FICO score of 620 or below).  At, this is not a problem.  We’ve partnered with a comprehensive network of Seattle bad credit car dealerships, buy here pay here lots, and subprime finance companies in order to cater [...]

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